The Impact of EDC

The Community That Changed The Direction of ValCord

What’s up everyone? This is Daniel Valdez, the owner of ValCord,LLC. Today we are talking about EDC. What is EDC? I’ve seen this term around social media growing over the last four years. And I am completely blown away by the individuals who are involved in the EDC community. For those who don’t know, EDC stands for everyday carry. These are items you carry around with you everyday.

These items are in your pocket right now. You might not consider yourself an EDC individual but you are. If you have keys in your pocket, if you have your wallet in your pocket, your phone, then you are technically an EDC individual. The EDC community that you see on social media today have perfected EDC. They have really grown it. They have items in their pockets right now that you don’t have in yours. So what are some of the items that the EDC individual collects. They have knives, guns, flashlights, bracelets, rings, and utility tools plus so much more. A large assortment of items. The average EDC individual might have anywhere between three to ten items on them at all times.

Every Day Carry is more prevalent right now on social media than in your typical conversations you might be having with your friends or family. But the social media community who is supporting EDC is growing every day. It makes up a lot of individuals who are passionate, who love to connect with others and who love to collect awesome items. There are even trade shows dedicated towards EDC individuals. You have popular trade shows going all out for the EDC Community. They set up shows all around the world. For example, Blade Show, they come out with a large group of knife makers who come together to showcase all their knives and sell them. And the EDC individual is right there in the mix. Buying knives at a large quantity. The EDC community is very passionate, they love showing their collected items on social media and they get creative. You’ll see beautiful pictures taken of flashlights.

You would never think a flashlight can be such an artistic item but it is. It wasn’t until year two of ValCord’s existence that I started to really take notice of the EDC community. I was primarily focused on creating collections and building the brand. I wasn’t targeting EDC individuals. It wasn’t until I started developing a better understanding of what EDC individuals were all about, that I started to really connect with them and I started to transition my company towards that sector. I had found my niche, the EDC community was me. It was everything that I was about. Originally EDC was more surrounded around survival. You would have certain items in a go bag ready to go in case something happened and you needed to leave your home. You would have a flashlight, knife, gun and perhaps some rope. Those are the type of items that you would have that where considered EDC items. That’s the brief  history on EDC.

Now it has grown and it’s morphed into its own thing. It’s really something to see. I have seen social media blow it up like never before. You’ll have people collecting a crazy amounts of bottle openers for example, and they make these things in all kinds of different metals and all kinds of different shapes and sizes. That’s pretty awesome. I’ve seen a rooster bottle opener made from brass. I have seen a moon shaped titanium bottle opener and I would have been blown away. You would never think someone would collect something like this but it they do. It’s really cool thing to see happening. Seeing this gave me the confidence to move ValCord in that direction. I see the EDC community growing even larger in the coming years and I want to be at the forefront, of leading the way.

A lot of our items are  things that you need and would want on a daily basis. We have amazing bracelets where we put brass beads on them in a very unique way. These bracelets you wear every day. You don’t have it on your pocket but you have it on you and they make up your collection of EDC items. This is the kind of thing that I can get behind. I can really connect with the EDC community and I look forward to really going more in that direction. We have even switched up the kinds of offerings we have and will make in the future. Originally we were a Paracord company and as we grew, as we dove more into the EDC community we morphed into a worldwide EDC Accessories Brand. We are now The Premier Authority in EDC accessories. For those that have a passion for collecting guns, knives, flashlights, collecting utility tools, than ValCord is perfectly aligned with your passion. We are right there with you.

I myself have begun growing my knife collection. I Have begun seeing a correlation between people who carry our bracelets and those who carry guns, knives and other EDC items. It is one big community. When I first started the company I never would have imagined that I would be going towards this direction but the EDC have embraced us and this community is awesome. It’s full of great people. They’re very passionate about life. They want to enhance their lives. They just want to be happy and continue to grow there EDC collection.

This is my brief and quick intro into EDC and I look forward to going more in depth in future podcast. As always, please follow my podcast, like and share. To purchase some cool EDC accessories for your friends and family visit 

Have a good day guys.