Why You Should Start Sending Surveys Today!

How are we doing today. There is a topic I have been wanteing to discuss. This topic is around surveys, surveys that businesses do or don’t do for that matter. Nowadays we get so caught up with running our businesses, taking care of the day to day activities, trying to bring in revenue, trying to grow the company, that we forget about the customer and we forget we need to get into the minds of those that are buying our products. The best way I have found to do this is to send out surveys. Now you can’t send out surveys unless you’ve already begun building a strong following.

Once you’ve accumulated emails then you can begin sending them out. Emails are one of the best ways to get in contact with potention clients, customers and even those that have been thinking about buying your product or have already purchased your product. Whatever industry you might be in a survey can only help you. I recently started doing surveys a few months back. Because that was an area that I was lacking in. I fell into the same trap most business owner fall into. You begin growing the company, spending all your time talking to people on a day to day basis and so on, that you never really considered how important customer feedback was.

You might be getting feedback from the customer who’ve already built a report with and that’s great to get some praise on how well you run your business but what about the customer you don’t communicate with on a daily basis. Perhaps a customer who has made one purchase and it’s been a month and they haven’t bought anything again. There’s got to be a reason. So you want to do a survey to find out what that reason could be. There’s a lot of different things that could be causing this. It could just be simply that they’ve got caught up with their day to day activities or they’re saving up for a big purchase, it can be a lot different things and you want to know. So you want to do a survey to find out and there’s a lot of great companies online that can assist you with this

There are companies like benchmark marketing, who can give you free e-mail marketing service and through that e-mail marketing you can select little things like surveys and fill out the question that you want to ask. You get more information regarding the direction the company is going and if its resonating with customers. Once you send out those email surveys, depending on the questions that you ask, then you can easily start tailoring things or tweak things to make sure that your taking advantage of all that precious feedback. Make sure your always listening to what the customer is saying and then adjust accordingly.

It could be something as simple as your Website not working or not being able to access certain parts of the it. You may not even know that a product link is broken or that a certain page is down. There are so many different reasons why your not reaching customers, or meeting your sales goals. Knowing whats going on with your customers via this feedback is vital to ensuring you keep bringing in revenue for your business. Doing a survey is very important. It’s key to the health of the business. So if you’re not doing surveys then you need to start.

So what kind of question should you be asking? Well it depends on the type of business that you are running. You have to tailor each question to perhaps a problem that you’re seeing and you want to be able to fix it. You want to be able to really identify what’s going on. Your questions should be around the problems that you are encountering. It may not even be a problem, just challenges you want to get ahead of or areas of your business that you want to grow.

The question you choose can be something as simple as, how did they find your business? Where did the customer migrate from? Where they’re coming from is very important. Knowing where your customers saw you is key to ensuring you target them better. For example, on your email survey you ask, what social media platform do you follow us in? To continue this example we will presuppose they say Instagram. Based on this feedback you know you want to do more focused ads on Instagram. You want to do more posting on Instagram because that’s where everybody is finding you. That’s where they’re seeing your business. So that’s where you tailor your approach. Running ads is one of the most underused tools. Newer business owners are guilty of this.

Once you’ve been in business for a while you should know that running ads is the way to go. Whether you’re primarily on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter doesn’t matter, running ads is what matters. It’s crucial to your business’s survival. You need to start sending out email surveys and start setting up ads on your social media platforms. Its not going to get any easier as time goes by. In fact, its going to get a lot tougher and a lot more expensive to run ads. Ads right now have been a little bit more expensive than they were a year ago and as demand for customer attention grows, so will the ads. In next year or two these ads are going to get even more expensive and you’re not going to be able to a large amount of people unless you spend a whole lot of money.

I remember when I first started running ads about two years ago on Instagram. With four dollars I could reach an average of 10,000 people in one day. That was crazy. I was in heaven. My business growing so fast that it was astonishing me. Then in 2018, everything changed. What do you get now for your four dollars? You can reach about 600 people in one day. That’s a huge drop in customer attention. In two years, when large corporations begin to dump more money into Instagram and Facebook ads, prices are going to soar and the amount people you’re going to reach is going to be a whole lot less. So now’s the time. Run those ads. If your not sure what social media platforms to run your ads on, then go back to your surveys. Once you have that feedback you want to tailor your ads towards those platforms. Invest your large dollars into the social media platforms that are bringing in the most revenue.

Once your running ads based on your largest traffic area, throw a couple of dollars towards those social media platforms that are lacking traffic. Do it for at least six months consistently and just keep doing it whether it’s bringing you the desired result or not, you just keep doing it. Eventually traffic will begin coming in.

Ensure your taking advantage of all your surveys feedback. I was able to discover my niche based on customer feedback. As I discussed in previous blogs, my niche is the EDC community. I discovered who my main buyers where and what they liked based on the feedback I got from my surveys. This allowed me to tailor the direction of my company, ValCord, LLC to move towards this group of individuals.

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