Craftsmanship Matters

One of the great things about purchasing a handmade product is knowing the artist put his heart and soul into creating it. True craftsmanship can always be seen in the details. Owning and running an EDC Accessories company gives me the opportunity to work with some amazing jewelers. I like to think I’ve surrounded myself with the best in the industry. Not only because of their hard work and dedication to their craft but because their beliefs and work ethic align with mine.

The old adage, you are who you work with or hang out with is very much true in business as well. The people around you or those who you choose to bring into your business life can have a direct impact on the success of your business. The longevity of your business is predicated on who you hire, who does free lance work or who you choose to represent your brand, to just name a few.

This brings me to back to my earlier statement regarding craftsmanship. I was fortunate in my business’ early days to come across a jeweler who had amazing skills. Every piece he makes is from the heart. You can see amazing details in the pieces of jewelry he creates. And he does all his jewelry by hand.

He and I initially used a middle man to have him create my jewelry beads for my bracelet company. He wasn’t the kind of person to socialize much and preferred to just work on his craft. Myself, being new to the paracord and jewelry industry, accepted this as being the way things had to be done. It wasn’t until year 2 of my company, ValCord, that I broke away from our middle man. I was grateful to have the guidance of our middle man because he knew the industry well. With high hopes of being successful, I accepted his guidance and dove right in to the paracord business. I worked hard and long hours perfecting my craft until I could be my own man.

When the time came I broke away from the middle man and contacted my jeweler of two years. I had never talk to my jeweler before this point. This man had been responsible for the growth of my business and I didn’t even know his name. And I’m not saying I didn’t have anything to do with the growth of my business, of course I did but having him in my business life was a huge reason why I became successful.

Without knowing it, I had adopted the same work ethic, the same level of craftsmanship. I too was traditional and my beliefs where the same as his. Every bracelet, necklace, keychain or lanyard I created had to honor the hard work my jeweler put into each bead he made for my company. This is the ValCord way of doing things. Each piece is carefully created with the purpose and intent on being the best product possible.

Now that I am in year 4 of my business I have been able to use all this knowledge I have attained, to bring on another jeweler. And this has nothing to do with my first jeweler, it’s me knowing the market better and having better insights. I have strategies I use to determine the optimal success rates for each product I bring to the market. Having two jewelers who I can trust to take my vision and bring it to life is a blessing.

Craftsmanship Matters!

Daniel Valdez