Craftsmanship Matters

Posted by Daniel Valdez on  July 1, 2019

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One of the great things about purchasing a handmade product is knowing the artist put his heart and soul into creating it. True craftsmanship can always be seen in the details. Owning and running an EDC Accessories company gives me the opportunity to work with some amazing jewelers. I like to think I’ve surrounded myself with the best in the industry. Not only because of their hard work and dedication to their craft but because

Why You Should Start Sending Surveys Today!

Posted by Daniel Valdez on  June 23, 2019

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How are we doing today. There is a topic I have been wanteing to discuss. This topic is around surveys, surveys that businesses do or don’t do for that matter. Nowadays we get so caught up with running our businesses, taking care of the day to day activities, trying to bring in revenue, trying to grow the company, that we forget about the customer and we forget we need to get into the minds of

The Impact of EDC

Posted by Daniel Valdez on  June 20, 2019

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The Community That Changed The Direction of ValCord What’s up everyone? This is Daniel Valdez, the owner of ValCord,LLC. Today we are talking about EDC. What is EDC? I’ve seen this term around social media growing over the last four years. And I am completely blown away by the individuals who are involved in the EDC community. For those who don’t know, EDC stands for everyday carry. These are items you carry around with you

The Power of Fashion

Posted by Daniel Valdez on  June 18, 2019

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LETS TALK FASHION PSYCHOLOGY Fashion! It has more power over you than you might realize. People take fashion for granted. From the shoes you pick out, to the color shirt you decide to wear. It’s all is telling the world one very important thing that you may or may not realize your saying. “THIS IS WHO I AM!” Often times we neglect to realize the importance of our fashion choices and its effects on our