How do I measure my wrist?

We get asked a lot by our customers on how to measure their wrist, so here is our method of measuring. This is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects when it comes to ordering wrist wear from us. *When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible.

*The circumference in the picture example is 7 inches.

How long will it take to get my ValCord order?

We’ve made the process simple, once you’ve placed your order we will add you to our daily ordering list. Your order will be completed within 1-2 days based on the length of our ordering list and ships via your selected shipping method.

USPS Standard Mail is 3-7 days. USPS Priority Mail is 1-3 days and *USPS Overnight is 1 Day.

International Standard Shipping is 10-30 days. International Priority is 5-10 days. All international orders must take into account their own countries Customs Agency process. This may speed up or delay delivery times.

*Selecting overnight shipping does not get you through our ordering list faster. Once your order goes through our normal process and is completed, we will ship it out via USPS Overnight 1 Day Shipping.

Can I get my order faster?

Absolutely! We offer an option to “Jump To The Front of The Line”. This puts you over everyone else on our ordering list except others who have also selected the “Jump” option. You can select this option during the checkout process.

Your an online retailer does that mean your open 24 hours?

We are always available to answer questions via email or our Social Media Pages. Please reach out to us anytime. We do however have employees and do have normal operating hours. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm. Sunday we are closed. All orders made after 4pm and on Sunday will be added to our next days ordering list.

How long will my paracord bracelet last?

Your ValCord bracelet is made from the strongest most durable materials found here is the USA. We use Type III 550 Paracord for our bracelets which is the industry standard. It can be pulled and stretched because it has a high static load capacity. It has a high resistance to mildew and wont rot if it makes continue contact with water. *We do recommend you follow our care guide that comes with your bracelet to ensure it last a long time.

*Please make sure to look on the back of your Thank You card when receiving your order. There are some helpful hints you’ll enjoy reading.

What is Type III 550 Paracord?

Paracord was originally designed during World War II for use as suspension lines of parachutes for the United States Military. While it is no longer used for parachutes, many other uses have been found by the military and by civilians. This cord is lightweight, thin (about 4mm diameter), and amazingly strong. We specialize in Type III paracord, which has a static load rating of 550 pounds.

Real 550 paracord, such as ours, is constructed with a sheath which surrounds seven individual strands. All the material is 100% nylon (rather than inferior materials seen from discount paracord vendors). The sheath alone can hold a 200 pound static load and each strand can hold 50 pounds each. Therefore, it is referred to as “550” as the static load capacity is
7 x 50 + 200 = 550 lbs.

What Colors Do You Offer?

Here is a sample of our most popular solid colors.

Here is a sample of our most popular pattern colors.

Here is a sample of our most popular color shifting colors.

Are your Stone Bracelets stretchy?

Yes. We use a 1mm thick elastic cord for our Stone Bracelets. You have enough elasticity to put in on and take it off as many times as you’d like. We always recommend you don’t snag it on anything sharp because it will break if enough force is put on it. But worry not, we can remake it for you if any accidents should happen. Contact us anytime.

What if my paracord bracelet is to tight?

Every bracelet is made to fit you perfectly. Weather you ordered your bracelet tight or loose. If it seems to tight, don’t worry, after continue use it will loosen up a quarter inch. If it isn’t loose enough, don’t worry, it’s made from a 7 Strand 550 Paracord which means it’s able to be stretched out. Just pull on it to stretch it out. With continued stretching you will eventually be able to loosen it up as desired.

What if my paracord bracelet, stone bracelet or necklace is too loose or to big for me?

We want you to be absolutely blown away by our products and we take special care to ensure we make your order exactly as requested. If your paracord bracelet, stone bracelet or necklace needs resizing we can take care of that for you right away. Send us an message and will walk you through the process.

What if I have to untie my paracord bracelet in an emergency?

Not to worry, your ValCord bracelet can be used in an emergency where you need rope in a hurry. In most bracelet you get 6 feet of paracord. The larger the bracelet, the more rope you have to use. Contact us right away to remake your bracelet and will walk you through the process of remaking it.

What if I feel like changing colors on my paracord bracelet, stone bracelet, necklace or hardware?

We offer services to accommodate your needs. Send us a message with our request and we will walk you through the process.

What leather do you use for your Valet Trays and Coasters?

We source our leather locally from the Tandy Leather Company. We use Superior Oak Veg Tan Shoulders. The size varies between 8-9 ounces. The section we cut out from the shoulder for your Valet Tray or coaster will determine the final thickness. Some trays and coasters may be 8oz, while others may be 9oz. We feel this aspect gives our products more character, since each product will never be identical. Each leather piece is unique.

How long will my black coated snap shackle last?

This question has so many variables its almost impossible to predict. We use American made Stainless Steel Snap Shackles that are powder coated black. The stainless steel will last years if not decades. The powder coat is professionally applied and will last a long time. *We cannot however guarantee how long it will last because each individual use varies. Daily wearers will see a faster decline in the powder coat while occasional wearers may never see a decline.

*We offer upgrades and modifications if you’d like it replaced and your bracelet remade.

How long will my Patina last?

We take special care when applying Patinas to insure a great looking piece that will have a long lasting effect. The main factor in the longevity of the patina depends on the wearer and the patina that was selected. Some Patinas may fade over time due to the oils and acids released from prolonged sweating on the skin. Another example would be pairing the bracelet with other jewelry that can cause nicks or scratches to the Patina.

Underneath every patina is still a solid piece of Silver, Brass or Copper which awards us the ability to re-apply the patina again or begin let the natural metal colors begin to show.

Current Patinas Offered Are Halo Blue, Black Ox and Ancient Green. We no longer offer the Blood Red patina due to its messy nature. We sell small vials of our patinas that you can use to re-apply to your bracelet bead. See our Accessories Page to order.

Return Policy

Since every piece ValCord offers is custom made for you, we do not accept returns or offer refunds. You can however opt to send your bracelet, necklace or keychain to get resized, color changed or have additional hardware added to it. You only pay the cost of shipping and any additional modifications done to the original piece. Certain products cannot be sent in for modifications.

We do not offer returns or modifications on lighters. These are custom made items that require us to cut and weld beads onto a lighter base and refurbishing the bead is impossible. Adding additional beads to a lighter would cause the first bead to lose structural integrity. We thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our FAQ Page. We have additional information available on the My Account Page regarding our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

– Team ValCord